Letter of Introduction

Dear Internet,

If you’re wondering what this is all about, you’ve come to the right place.

I think I have a habit of talking too much – of writing fluffy, swollen diatribes to prove how clever and observant I am, of composing letters with…

See what I mean?

Let me stop and be clear.  I write letters, and here you can read them.

Until mid-August 2013, I was traveling overland across Africa, from Paris to Tanzania.  My letters were usually one of two kinds: my subjective observations (to o), and detailed accounts of our travel, especially of border crossings (to Viven).  For a summation of that trip and links to those letters, click here.

Who do I write to?  Whoever I want.  Some recipients ask me a question or two; some are people you might recognise, who accept letters like mine but probably never read them; some are one-offs, some return, some stick around.  The regulars are:

To o: all about place
To Viven: all about travel advice
To Twilight Hunter: all about dusk and dawn photos

Want me to say something else?  Go ahead and write.