Sunday 16 June 2013

Internet : Letter of Introduction, No. 1

Dear Internet,

It seems you are able to read some of my letters.  I figured it would be better to help than to hinder, so here we are, with a letter addressed to you, whoever you are.

I am currently en route via a truck named Archer and with partner named Al from Paris to Tanzania.  Most, but not all, of my recent and upcoming letters will reflect that.  We left Paris on 19 April 2013, and must reach Dar es Salaam by 10 August.  It's not a lot of time, as most who go on the African overland adventure take closer to a year, if not more.  Nonetheless, our shortened time is still on the same long path, and it takes some preparation, patience and thought.  It would be senseless, almost wasteful, not to share it, both with those who dream of a similar trip, and those who want to live a little of this one.

When we get to Dar es Salaam, the subjects of my letters will naturally shift, and so should this introduction.  Until then, such are the materials.  And these are some of the recipients:

o : who asks that I write about place.
Viven : who seeks advice from both the present journey and past travels
Twilight Hunter : who obsesses over photos of sunrises and sunsets
Scam Art Sam : who needs to know the ins-and-outs of the Con
Quaraxx-Anto : who wants to know about Planet Earth

There are others, like my goddaughter or a mayor or a company in need of advice, but for the moment these five are my regulars.

And, as much as I might seem a self-satisfied monologist, I receive letters too.  Feel free to write.